OpenZone: multifloor lot parking of the scientific Campus for health and wellness designed from Zambon Group.
We are glad to show the parking guidance system, designed for multifloor lot parking, OpenZone Campus in Bresso Milan. Cars guidance system, to the close free lot, on four level; improve security and efficiency inside OpenZone parking, this was the challenge of this project:
  • 340 parking lot monitored from ultrasonic sensor,
  • 340 LED traffic lights placed in the lane,
  • 14 independent sectors placed on four level,
  • 2 LED multi row displays for occupancy information in each level,
  • 15 microprocessor electronic boards, connected both to the ultrasonic sensors and together, for send the parking occupancy information to the displays
Many thanks to TEACO firm for the great work does during installing and debug of the plant.
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