A parking facility in the Valais Canton at 1800 meters, situated in one of Switzerland’s most captivating alpine destinations. The parking structure consists of a total of 10 levels divided into two zones, providing a total of 1400 parking spaces. During peak season, it accommodates up to 9000 visitors. The challenge for Clever Ways and Parquery was to efficiently guide vehicles within the parking facility to the nearest available parking space, enhancing both efficiency and safety, while also analyzing each individual parking spot for improved management. This was achieved by implementing a sophisticated system within the parking structure, utilizing Parquery AI technology and 10 Epsilon Electronic System LED displays. These displays show information collected from cameras managed by Parquery. Specifically, the system includes:

  • 49 cameras with fisheye lenses mounted on the ceiling at approximately 2.20 meters in height for vehicle counting.
  • 10 LED numerical and alphanumerical displays with customized pictograms to show occupancy information to users.
  • Analysis and management of images stored on the client’s server.
  • Cloud-based dashboard for data management and analysis.
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