Led Counter Display with Bright "P"

Led Parking Signaling Display indicating FREE – FULL and Parking “P”; the TRL-PARK-P series displays, positioned outside a parking lot near the entrances and access roads, allow for clear and immediate indication of the overall parking status.

The TRL-PARK-P series displays, with IP55 protection rating, are made of powder-coated sheet metal with a front door secured by hex bolts. The messages FREE – COMPLETE are available with red-green, white, and amber Leds; messages can be displayed in different languages (FREE – COMPLETE, FREI – BESETZE, LIBRE – COMPLET).

The message selection (FREE – COMPLETE) is done by opening or closing a contact.

The graphics of the TRL-PARK-P displays are customizable and backlit with high-brightness white Leds, with automatic activation.

The TRL-PARK-P displays are available in single-sided or double-sided versions, with two different sizes (700x700mm and 700x1000mm), and are designed for standard mounting on a 60mm diameter pole.

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