Led Multi-line Indicator Display

Led Outdoor Multi-line Summary Display for parking, indicating a 3-digit number of available spaces on different levels; the TRL-DGT series displays, placed outside a parking lot or near exit areas, allow for clear and immediate indication to users of the number of available spaces on various levels of the parking lot.

The TRL-DGT series displays have an IP55 protection rating, made of powder-coated sheet metal with a front door secured by hex bolts. The 3-digit numerical display is available with white or amber Leds; the displays are complete with integrated red-green traffic light indicators.

The selection of the message to be displayed is done by sending data through RS485 serial port or Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol.

The TRL-DGT displays are available in single-sided version, with one numerical field and customizable graphical indications; TRL-DGT displays are designed for standard wall, ceiling, or pole mounting with a diameter of 60mm.

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