Lighting in Turin, lighting design: managing light, especially Led light, can be a complex operation. Lighting in Turin also involves lighting design; lighting design allows predicting the behavior of a lighting fixture in a space, showcasing the real effect of an Led lamp or spotlight, and creating accurate and realistic 3D renderings of spaces; these are some of the design services offered by Lelide Led Lighting Turin.

Lighting design involves the calculation, positioning, and sizing of lighting fixtures in all indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks to the use of DIALux software, every environment can be simulated, providing 3D rendering.

The lighting design project is completed with the supply of executive drawings for the placement of lighting fixtures, the design of the electrical system (lighting part), and the list of necessary materials.

Support for the installer is available, as well as potential integration with other electrical utilities (e.g., photovoltaics, security, video surveillance, heating-cooling, load management, audio-video, etc.).


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