Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic vehicle presence detector and courtesy traffic light for guiding to the nearest available parking space. The ultrasonic detector, from the TRL.RVL series, allows for remote monitoring, counting, and signaling the presence of a vehicle in a parking stall. TRL.RVL is the first component of a sophisticated parking guidance and addressing system; available in Stand Alone version, for autonomous operation; or RS485 serial, for network operation and control of numerical and graphical display. The TRL.RVL.SEM LED indicator, supplied with the ultrasonic sensor, features RGB multicolor optics with 360° display. TRL.RVL can be programmed to provide the following visual indications: Red indication: occupied parking space. Green indication: available parking space. Purple indication: available parking space reserved for women. Blue indication: available parking space reserved for disabled. Yellow indication: available or reserved parking space. The system operates with a 24Vdc power supply, consuming approximately 3W; with a maximum detection distance of 5.00 meters; the detector and indicator come with mechanical mounting base for installation and wiring.


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